What is O.V.V.H.A.?

O.V.V.H.A. is a committed group with 57 current members.  O.V.V.H.A. is comprised of a Board of Directors who is comprised of past/present owners of hydroplanes, drivers. educators, business owners and people who have hydroplane connections.

O.V.V.H.A. is dedicated to the history of vintage hydroplanes.  We look forward to building support for the Vintage Hydroplane Division of A.P.B.A..  We are dedicated to working with children from grades 2-12 on a "Hands ON" opportunity.  We look forward to educating not only the children, but everyone who want to learn about the history, the planning, the building and running of hydroplanes.  We welcome everyone to participate.

O.V.V.H.A. is very proud of the fact that we are working with over 14 schools that are fully associated with our organization.  We give special thanks to Spalding University in Louisville, Ky. and Maupin Elementary School also located in Louisville, Ky.  We look forward to becoming associated with many more High Schools and Elementary Schools through out the United States and overseas as we continue to grow.  We also look forward to becoming associated with more universities as we continue to grow as well.  All these schools will have a very important part of this organization and working with children.


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